Hand-crafted and Works of Art

is a list of made in the area gifts and crafts. 

 It has a wide variety of unique and unusual products. 

Quilts, hand-turned pens, ribbon trees, hand-crafted jewelry and works of art

are among the items on this page. Many of the products 

are created by the people you've seen at craft shows around the area. 

Whether you're just visiting, or new to the area 

this is a great place to check out the numerous shops around the lake.

Many of the shops included are those you need when you're new or just visiting.  The list is growing  and shops are added as the need is recognized.  

Visit the shopping page  to learn more about antique, galleries, specialty shops and flea markets in the Grand Lake OK area. 
For truly unique gifts, visit the hand-crafted page.





Carter's Food Center   Vinita   918-256-5541

Reasors   Langley  918-782-3227

Wood's Grocery   Jay   918-253-4527

Harps   Grove   918-786-4087


The shopping pages of grand Lake area info provides you with an overview of pages providing flea markets, specialty stores, antique shops, consignment shops and general merchandize stores in the Grand Lake, OK area. 
​The Grand lake area in northeast Oklahoma includes Miami, Commerce,  Vinita, Wyandotte, Fairland, Afton, Grove, Monkey Island, Bernice, Jay, Disney, Langley, Ketchum and Cleora.

Specialty Shops Galleries Antiques & Flea Markets

If you're into antiques, collectibles, galleries, specialty shops, Consignments and flea markets, you're in for a treat.

The diversity of shops in Grand Lake area of northeast OK is surprising: from old-fashioned flea markets to upscale boutiques, there is a vast array of places to explore and maybe find that perfect blouse, an original piece of art or just a plain-old fun gift!!
We hope that as you travel through, you find time to stop and browse...happy hunting!!!


Grand Lake