Grand Lake Area Info  has a presence on the internet through various links on websites including the area info page of Har-Ber Village, the home page of the Grand Lake Association website (,

the link to northeast Oklahoma on and many of the area attraction's site. is on 4 billboards and several benches in the Grand Lake area

​GrandLakeAreaInfo is the main sponsor of the northeast oklahoma attractions map which produced and is distributing 50,000 maps in its first year. 

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 Grand Lake Area Info  was  originally created as a page of Grand Country Lakeside RV Park to provide our customers with a list of attractions, eateries and misc services in the northeast Oklahoma area.  It has grown into a comprehensive overview of things to do and places to go around the Grand Lake area.  

Many sites promoting Grand Lake are member-driven and limited to information for those members whereas Grand Lake Area Info attempts to encompass much broader list of services for the tourist and for people new to the area. 

About Grand Lake Area info 

Additional area info provides links 

to other sites including the chambers and associations serving 

the Grand Lake area in northeast Oklahoma

Whether you're just visiting, or new to the area 

this is a great place to check out the numerous shops and services

around the lake.  Many of the shops and services included are

those you need when you're new or just visiting. 

For an oversite map of what to do on the lake,including museums,

attractions, casinos, golf, Route 66 and a list of nightlife spots.


This site encompasses many of the businesses and attractions of the Grand Lake area in northeast Oklahoma

which includes   Afton ,  Monkey Island ,  Bernice , Miami , Wyandotte,  Fairland,  Vinita, Cleora,  Ketchum,  Langley,  Disney,

Grove, Tia Juana and Jay OK.  

RV/ Mobile       Automotive

        Home & Garden  
Banks / Financial / Insurance

    Accountants / Attorneys
Electronics / Computer / Internet 

   Construction / Trades 
Health & Beauty     Pets       Liquor/Wine/Wineries  

​​ other services including
towing     signage    garbage disposal  laundry   daycare  photography    butcher     storage   funeral homes ​

No matter what type of lodging you're looking for, 

Grand Lake OK has lodging for you: cabins with spas, home rentals,
rv sites overlooking the lake, hotels, motels and condos.


While exploring the lake be sure to sample the variety of restaurants

that the Grand Lake area has to offer; there are several restaurants

specializing in breakfast/lunch and restaurants that open after

5pm and everything in between.


  If you're into Antiques, specialty shops, Consignments 
and flea markets, you're in for a treat; there are an incredible
amount of shops to explore.  We hope that as you
travel through, you find time to stop and browse.  Happy hunting!!!

For a list of entertainment and ongoing events

 as well as links to other sources 


Grand Lake area info

online visitor guide provides things to do and places to go around Grand Lake Oklahoma.

There's a huge diversity of attractions  and activities on and off  Grand Lake o'the Cherokees in 

northeast Oklahoma, including the Coleman Theatre in Miami,  the Packard Museum in Afton,  Har-ber Village in Grove,  Starbird's Custom Car Museum, the   Dobson Museum in 

Miami,  The Pensacola Dam, Picture in Scripture Amphitheater and  Mariee Wallace Museum in Jay.