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Grand Lake OK map shopping

If you're into antiques, collectibles, galleries, specialty shops, Consignments and flea markets,

you're in for a treat. The diversity of shops in Grand Lake area of northeast OK is surprising:

from old-fashioned flea markets to upscale boutiques, there is a vast array of places to explore

and maybe find that perfect blouse, an original piece of art or just a plain-old fun gift!!

We hope that as you travel through, you find time to stop and browse...happy hunting!!!

Grand Lake Area Info 

 Welcome to the Grand Lake Area... 

Grand Lake OK Specialty Shops Galleries Antiques & Flea Markets

Flea Markets and Antique shops

Christian Mission 

Second Chance

Poor Cliffs

Where to Wonder

       Specialty Shops

Signs by Sikorski    

Note-able Workshop

 The Handcrafted Products page is a list of made

in the area gifts, crafts and artist's creations. 

 It has a wide variety of unique and unusual products. 

Quilts, hand-turned pens, ribbon trees and 

hand-crafted jewelry are among the items on this page.

Many of the products  are created by the people

you've seen at craft and art shows around the area. 

big wood blade works

​​Site sponsors plus

The shops on the map are site sponsors and non-profits...

for a more complete list of shops, click on the links below