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Rotary Centennial Park 
103 M St. SE  Miami, OK 74354 James Tallman 918-542-6685
Monday - Sunday, 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM
7 acres, 1 mile walking path, parking, and security lighting.

Cardinal Nature Trail  Cleora
2 miles mol. If walk to all fence lines that are mowed which aren't marked on map.
Nature outdoor learning center with view of lake in middle of walk. Easy to moderate.
 Woody trails up and down and mowed area flat.

Har-Ber Village's Nature Trail is open to the public without museum admission. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy walking the trail from dawn to dusk. The trail is a pleasant and scenic nearly two-mile long walk that has several loops meandering through woods along the edge of Har-Ber Village property and overlooking Grand Lake o' the Cherokees.. You may see deer, birds and other wildlife. A wide variety of trees and plants grow along the trail. The trail has been upgraded to include wheel-chair accessible paved portions. The trail does have some uneven surfaces and loose gravel in places—please wear appropriate shoes and take care going up and down hills. 

har-ber village nature trail

Monkey island concrete trail 4 miles there and back.  Easy along housing and golf course. A little stretch not paved.

Bernice Area at Grand Lake State Park 
The park  features a one mile paved walking and jogging path that is handicapped accessible. There are two wildlife watch towers, a nature center and a 66-acre wildlife refuge.  The refuge has a 1/2 mile paved nature trail that has benches along the way and primitive trails for you to wander off the beaten path.

 You can walk along the lake but it is rocky so be sure to wear appropriate

shoes and watch for critters!! 

From the Horsecreek Bridge, thru the camping area into the woods and ending at S550 road is 2 miles round-trip paved.  east 1/2 of the trail wanders thru the woods.

Disney, Ok

offroad trails are used by atvs and hikers.  Best time to hike is

during week when there are less off road vehicles.

Natural Falls state park  four and 1/2 miles of hiking and nature trails
The Dripping Springs Trail and Waterfall is located at Natural Falls State Park in W Silom Springs, OK  The  main attraction is the 77 foot waterfall along 
the Dripping Springs Trail is an  easy 1.3 mile loop trail that is perfect for all ages and  features the waterfall, a winding creek, caves, bluffs, and bridges.
Other trails in the park include, Bear Trail, Ghost Coon Trail, and Fox Den Trail.


Hwy 412 W West Siloam Springs, OK 74338 
Phone: 918-422-5802 

northeast Arkansas trails near fayetteville

Oklahoma trails


Northeast Oklahoma Trails 


Bernice Nature Trail

Grand Lake OK online visitor guide includes information regarding walking, hiking, biking and nature trails in northeast Oklahoma including  Miami, Cleora, Bernice,

Monkey Island, Grove, W Siloam Springs and Disney.

Har-Ber Village Nature Trail
Cardinal Nature Trail Cleora, OK
Grand Lake OK walking trails northeast OK
Natural Falls Trail

Bernice state park   Bernice   918-786-9447

            pets on leash no bicycles or motorized 

Monkey Island trail   Monkey Island

Walk, run or bike the Monkey Island Trail. The trail is completed from SHANGRI-LA Hotel & Resort to Tera Miranda Resort. Just over 5 miles of paved trail.

Cardinal Nature Trail     Cleora
Har-Ber Village's Nature Trail   Grove  918-786-6446

      open dawn thru dusk   pets on leash  no motorized 

below the dam   Disney OK 
natural falls state park  West Siloam Springs  

                  918-422-5802 pets on leash no motorized

​Rotary Centennial Park   Miami, OK 
Monday - Sunday, 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Sailboat Bridge and Pensacola Dam 
have pedestrian walkways

The map shows general locations only...will be adding more detailed info below on locations as it comes in...also whether trails are walking only or biking and/or motorized...

Walking  / Nature Trails