Hand-crafted for all occasions & themes.

Custom orders by request. 


I live on Grand Lake of the Cherokees

in Northeastern Oklahoma, with my wife Mary Ann. . 

I began my craft business six years ago. Which I call 

Stephen's Holiday Ribbon Trees. 

What started out as a fluke,

grew into a wonderful handmade craft opportunity. 

With over eight hundred designs to date,

I'm constantly designing and filling orders. 

I have always loved being creative and working with my hands. 

When I was in high school,  I recieved the senior art award. 

I was overwelmed. When I approached my Art teacher Mrs. Hayes,

I asked her how I came about to receive this award. 

I knew there were other students who were far more talented than I. 

Mrs Hayes informed me that art goes much furher than talent.

She said to me, Stephen you put your whole heart 

in what your create. That's what I look for in my students,

love and passion for what they create. 

I will always be grateful to Mrs. Hayes for her kindness 

and believing in me. I feel so very fortunate to have 

so many of my ribbon trees all over the 

United States and overseas.

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