Jan tba   Myaamia Winter Gathering
Miami Nation Fairgrounds   Miamination.com
Immerse yourself in Native American culture at
 the Myaamia Winter Gathering & Miami Tribal Stomp Dance.

  Jan tba   Eastern Shawnee Winter Gathering
Wyqandotte  next to Bordertown Casino   918-666-5151 ext 1845
5:30 dinner followed by Stomp Dance and Social Dances

June TBA
The annual Peoria Powwow held at 60610 E 90 Rd Miami, OK 74354 is a grand festival of Native 
American culture and dance. This American Indian event features a wide range of contest dancing, 
including gourd dancing and straight dancing, as well as grass, traditional and fancy dancing. 
Other categories of dance will also include cloth, buckskin, 
jingle and fancy shawl. For more information please call 918-540-2535.

June TBA  all-day   Miami Nation Tribal Powwow

Miami Nation PowWow Grounds, 2319 Newman Rd., Miami, OK 74354
For more information, contact Julie Olds, 918-541-1300. or jolds@miamination.com
The Miami Nation Tribal Powwow is a celebration of American Indian dance. 
This free event welcomes visitors from the surrounding area and beyond to witness as tribal 
members compete in various traditional dances. The Miami Nation Tribal Powwow features gourd dancing, a shell shaker contest, singers and powwow princesses. A grand entry and color guard presentation will be held, and food and merchandise vendors will be on hand.

July 1-4   5681 S 630 Rd, Quapaw, OK 74363   Phone: 918-542-1853 
Head to Quapaw this July to experience American Indian traditions with the
Quapaw tribe
The tribe holds an annual celebration over the 4th of July weekend that includes dancing, contests, authentic Native American vendors and plenty of family fun. Come celebrate the culture and history of the Quapaw Tribe.

Aug TBA  Eastern Shawnee Children's Back to School Powwow  
127 Oneida St Wyandotte, OK 74370    Phone: 918-666-7710   888-978-1352 
Eastern Shawnee Children's Back to School Powwow, held near Wyandotte, is a fun and educational event for kids complete with inflatables, face painting, snow cones, raffles and plenty of prizes.  Kids will learn more about Native American culture through storytelling, traditional dancing and other engaging activities like flint knapping and pony rides.  Booths filled with American Indian arts and crafts, as well as delicious, traditional foods will be available at this great event.

ept TBA   Wyandotte Powwow 

 ​Wyandotte Nation Pow-Wow Grounds.   Wyandotte Powwow    918-678-2297

Dancing begins Friday evening at 8 pm,  at 1:30 pm and 7 pm Saturday evening, and 1:30 pm Sunday afternoon.  

Grand Lake OK Area info  Powwows northeast OK

The general public is welcome at a powwow and is a great way to experience Native American ceremony.  They generally include food and craft vendors, ceremonial dances and dance competion.  If you are unfamiliar with powwows you may want to go to 
one during the day or early evening to familiarize yourself with the grounds.
The arena is the focal point of the powwow and is generally surrounded by 
seating for the people in the powwow and their families. These areas include sections where you can bring your lawn chairs. Some powwows provide bleachers.
People are generally friendly and if asked, they will direct you to general 
seating or show you where you can set up your lawn chairs

If you have never been to a PowWow, here are a few basic rules
  Keep in mind that customs vary from region to region and
 PowWow to PowWow. When in doubt quietly wait until there is a break in the action and ask the folks near the drum( s) to point you towards the Arena Director.

Dress and act appropriately   bring a lawn chair

Alcohol, recreational drugs and firearms are strictly prohibited at most powwows

ask before taking a picture of dancers in regalia


Powwow etiquette      understanding the Powwow


Northeast Oklahoma Powwows

Grand Lake OK area info tourist attractions provides tourist information including Powwows in northeast Oklahoma which includes Miami , Wyandotte  and Grove.