Shangri-La Guide Service  with Tony Coatney   918.964.0049
Clint Baranowski, INFINITY FISHING, (918) 639-9936

Mike Magill – Beaver Lake Stripers(918) 605-4123
  Thomas Guide Service 918-837-0490
Lance's Guide Service, 918-607-7357
Dempseys Guide Service, 918-815-1652
Jim's Guide Service, 918-786-2076

Gene Pearcy’s Guide Service(918) 964-9776

​The Grand Lake Guy - Paul Potter - 918-810-0064 


Grand Lake OK fishing guides

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Grand Lake guide services

Grand Lake OK is one of  the premier bass lakes in the country as well as a grand place to catch crappies, stripers and catfish.  The absolute best way to get to know the lake if you're new to the area or have a great day on the lake if you're here on vacation is to fish the lake with a guide.